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                                             Teachers:  always seeking teachers for anything of interest to SL Goreans.  Gorean subjects need to be, by the books.  We welcome other languages classes as well.  We’ll send you more information and guidelines and arrange a meeting.  Also currently need Gorean Basics teachers in very early and late time zones.   Class Assistants:  always need class assistants, each class has an assistant to the teacher, the assistant advertises on our groups, TP students, helps the teacher and logs the class.  Training is provided Greeters:  Scheduled staff members who spend time greeting and helping visitors to Campus.  Offer 2 hours a week to fill a greeter shift and welcome visitors, help new to Gor.  Training is provided  Administrative Staff:  assist in various administration duties, training is provided Medical Staff:  our medical team needs help in doing the many kajiri student exams
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The main requirement is RELIABILITY !
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