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                                             Gorean Campus is a peaceful academy with no raids or collaring, and a general culture of good manners and decency,  meaning you can study here in peace and quiet. We are not a role-play city and remain entirely neutral. We are independent and not aligned with any city.  We have teachers, staff and students from all corners of SL Gor.  Furthermore we are non-commercial without rentals, vendors nor items for sale. We offer up to 40 classes a week in all things Gorean, including basic Gorean knowledge, caste roles, slave training, regional and culture courses, the renowned Kajira Foundations course, home-study courses as well as various events. All that requires a major commitment to make it happen, but the rewards are worth it, happy students who gain knowledge and we hope they help to make SL Gor thrive. We require HELP.  If you can volunteer to spend at least two hours a week - we want and need you on our team!
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